RadioNet3 Outreach Materials


The RadioNet3 poster and a short movie are recommended to be placed (played) at meetings that are financially supported by RadioNet3.

- RadioNet3 Poster: PDF (version 16.04.2012)

- RadioNet3 short movie: MP4 (version 19.04.2012)

- RadioNet3 Roll-up display (85 x 215 cm): PDF (version 13.08.2012)


Outreach materials can be ordered by e-mail to the rn3 [at] mpifr [dot] de (RadioNet3 Managemente Team)


Item Description Picture
Screen Cleaner   2.8 x 2.8 cm   
Balloons  30 cm diameter, white
Ballpoint pens (new edition) white and gray with RNet logo 
Ballpoint pens (old edition) 
white with RNet logo
Pencils  black   
TNA Bookmarks size 21 x 7 cm
Conference folder
DIN A4, white background

DIN A4, white background,

ruled, 25 pages

5x7 cm, white background, 50 pages
5x7 cm, white background
5x7 cm, tranparent background
 Booklet The Invisible Universe booklet (English)   


RadioNet logo



Please use one of the following files for reproduction of the RadioNet logo in all documents. The 150 pixel wide JPG file is best for including as a stand-alone logo on web pages, the 500 pixel wide JPG file is best for full-size banners. The TIF file, suitably resized, is best for Word documents, whilst the EPS file should be used in LaTeX/Tex documents. Please do not recolour or resize the bitmap images before use.


JPG, 100 pixels wide


JPG, 150 pixels wide


JPG, 200 pixels wide


JPG, 500 pixels wide


JPG, 1000 pixels wide


PDF file

EPS file (please contact poll [at] jive [dot] nl (webmaster))

TIF, 3240 pixels wide (please contact poll [at] jive [dot] nl (webmaster))

The blue colour is "Pantone 300 Blue"; the nearest RGB colour for use on web pages is "0091ff". The grey colour is "Pantone 430 Grey"; the nearest RGB colour for use on web pages is "7f8787". The HTML code for the string " RadioNet " is


"<b><span style="color:#7f8787">Radio</span><span style="color:#0091ff">Net</span></b>"


More usefull outreach materials will follow soon.

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