Achievements in reporting period:

  • List of activities organised during reporting period

Tutorial on CASA, held in Bonn (D), 5-7 October 2009

ALMA Workshop “From data cubes to Science”, held in Koln (D), 5-7 October 2009

EPTA Meeting, held in Besancon (FR), 19-23 October 2009

Conference .Astronomy 2009, held in Leiden (NL), 30 November - 4 December 2009

  • Meetings attended – both meetings for NA organisation or meetings on behalf of RadioNet


Problems / Issues

  • Issues - organisational, administrative or other problems foreseen

Close contact with Anita Richards (WP4), to ensure that the funding allocation for CASA tutorials and LOFAR busy weeks is spread between WP2 and WP4 in 2010.

  • Red flags - major problems

None at this stage

Forward Look

The 2010 Agenda for WP2 is fairly dense already. Here below I report the list of activities WP2 has already committed to.

Q1-2010 Workshop on “Compact Binaries”, Barcelona (ES)

Q1-2010 Tutorial on CASA, Bologna (IT)

Q1-2010 Science with LOFAR, Leiden (NL)

Q2-2010 Workshop “Steady jets and transient jets”, Bonn (D)

Q2-2010 Workshop “Magnetic Fields”, Riccione (IT)

Q2-2010 Workshop “Astronomy in Megastructures”, Crete (GR)

Q2-2010 Workshop “A new golden age for radio astronomy: first results from new generation radio telescopes”, NL Q3-2010 10th EVN Symposium, Manchester (UK)

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