2. Calibration Algorithms
2.2.4 (6.2.5) Distributed Processing (see OeRC contribution Ben Mort)

Currently on effort has been done. There is a person in ATSRON who did something similar, so might be an option to join forces here.

3. Quality Control
3.1.2 (6.3.2) Data Inspection
- metadata inspection (ok)
- visibility quality control (ok)
- image quality control (red flag no effort has been done)

3.1.3 Data Excision
- UVFITS to MS flagging (partly ok)


Total person months spend so far up to the 30.03.2011:
- Kloeckner 11 MM
- Dulwich 0.5 MM

- Fred Dulwich (OeRC; Task 6.3.2):

Testing novel calibration algorithm for quality control. This effort will make use of GMRT data in combination with the GMRT pipeline. The result of will be written up in a report and could result into a module which can be used in ParselTongue. The possible output of the modules will be Telescope based and could be evaluated within the Metadata inspection task.

A first software module of the calibration code has been developed (Dulwich) and is currently implemented to work within ParselTongue and the GMRT pipeline (Kloeckner). First test has been done, but there are still some minor issues related to data modelling in AIPS. Closure phase plots will be developed in order to evalutate the correctness of the calibration modules.

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