JIVE (also on behalf of the European VLBI Network)

Outreach Activities / Resources

Correlator Map

In the lobby of our office is a 4m world map with an LED marking the location of every radio telescope from which we might receive data. Corresponding LEDs are lit whenever data is correlated, either for a regular VLBI observation (recorded previously) or for e-VLBI (observation in progress).

Likewise, there is a Google map at http://www.expres-eu.org/maps/current/ showing which stations are currently being correlated.

If you are interested in finding out how either of these maps works, please email me at kyun@jive.nl.

Live Webcams

During e-VLBI observations, JIVE and participating stations run live webcams which are publicly available at http://services.jive.nl/logs/cam_plots.html/. (Some stations do not broadcast outside of e-VLBI runs.)

Virtual Interferometer

For the International Year of Astronomy (IYA 2009), JIVE created an “Introduction to e-VLBI” web site which includes a Virtual Radio Interferometer. This is still publicly available at <http://services.jive.nl/evlbi/diy.html/>.

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