The objectives of ALBiUS (Advanced Long Baseline interoperable User Software) are to develop key algorithms required for the successful exploitation of the upgraded and new generation of RadioNet telescope facilities (e-MERLIN, LOFAR, APERTIF, ALMA etc). These new telescopes will result in an explosion of data rates, and an expansion in the continuum spectral window of one to two orders of magnitude. ALBiUS will produce new software systems and algorithms that are designed to meet these challenges.

The focus will lie in the production of new algorithms that address issues of calibration (both in the uv and image plane) and sky modelling. The need for identifying bad data and the issue of data quality control in general, will also be addressed. In addition, ALBiUS aims to make good use of existing software packages - the goal is to make these algorithms available in a modern, distributed computing environment, and to provide transparent interoperability between the different software suites. The latter will encourage a more unified approach to software development in radio astronomy across Europe and beyond.

The ALBiUS PI is H.J. van Langevelde (JIVE)
langevelde [at] jive [dot] nl

More information can be found on the wiki page


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