Networking Activities

The RadioNet FP7 Networking Activities comprises of the following key workpackages.

WP1: Management of RadioNet3

WP2: Questions on Structuring European Radio Astronomy (QueSERA)

: The main goal of the Science Working Group (SWG)  is to ensure a central coordination in the dissemination of knowledge and scientific results among the partners. This will be achieved through the organization and support to a wide range of meetings

: The New skills for astronomers work package will equip astronomers to exploit current and future radio astronomy facilities, with the emphasis on observatories with RadioNet3 participation.

WP5:  The ALMA Regional Centre (ARC) in Europe is a unique network of (sub-) millimetre astronomy centres of excellence, being established to support the European user community for the global Atacama Large Millimeter/Submillimeter Array (ALMA) being commissioned in Chile. The Mobility for ALMA Regional Centre Users (MARCUs) workpackage will structure and strengthen the European user community, by means of supporting user visits to the seven nodes of the European ARC network for European ALMA users.

:  The main activity of the RadioNet3 European Radio Astronomy Technical Forum (ERATec) will be to organise and support meetings and workshops of European radio astronomical staff, directly involved in the technical development of the observing facilities and their application.

WP7:  The main objective of the Radio Astronomical Spectrum Management is to keep the radio astronomy frequency bands free of man-made interference in order to safe-guard this environment for fundamental astronomical research.

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