The major focus of the RadioNet3 management is on:

  • Providing an effective and transparent management of the project
  • Assuring the timely delivery of high quality deliverables and milestones
  • Distributing the EC finances to partners based on the FP7 rules and Consortium Agreement.
  • Defining an efficient method for the project implementation: monitoring of the project progress, communication across activities, notifying issues, etc.,
  • Defining an internal communication system to assure the information update by all partners
  • Maintaining the policy on Intellectual Property Rights
  • Assure the RadioNet visibility in the world community by attending relevant meetings and distributing outreach materials
  • Fostering cooperation with other associated projects e.g. SKA, ALMA, ASTRONET

RadioNet3 coordinator: Prof. J. Anton Zensus

RadioNet3 project manager: dr. Izabela Rottmann

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