Radio Astronomical Spectrum Management

The main objective of the Radio Astronomical Spectrum Management is to keep the radio astronomy frequency bands free of man-made interference in order to safe-guard this environment for fundamental astronomical research. The broad aims of the activity centre on coordinating activities designed to protect the electro-magnetic spectrum for passive radio astronomy observations. The radio astronomy community is at a significant disadvantage in pursuing this objective because it brings it into conflict with commercial and often government and EC interests, whose goals are largely motivated by profit, and that can call on legal, technical and PR resources that inevitably dwarf the efforts of our own community.

The specific objectives of this WP are:

  • Ensure access and availability of the radio spectrum for scientific needs.
  • Keep the available frequency bands of radio astronomical interest free from interference.
  • Support the scientific community in their needs for passive use of interference free bands of interest.
  • Represent all the EU and African (ITU Region 1) radio astronomy observatories, in decision-making consultations and/or meetings that deal with future access of the radio spectrum to fundamental research.

The leader of this activity is Michael Lindqvist.

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