Questions on Structuring European Radio Astronomy

The field of radio astronomy is set to blossom over the coming decade. Two major facilities are expected to become operational (ALMA and SKA1), which will have significant scientific and technological impacts in the field both scientifically and technically. Additionally, some traditional facilities are undergoing important upgrades.

As the body that encompasses the largest range in radio facilities in Europe, RadioNet3 has a natural role in advocating radio astronomy as a whole. In its interaction with policy makers, the obvious issue for European radio astronomy is the future of its structure as a whole.  Especially with the advent of the SKA, a natural question to ask is whether a new legal entity for radio astronomy is required within Europe.

This NA will produce a roadmap for existing RadioNet3 facilities recognising the impact ALMA and the SKA, defining the future role of existing facilities including VLBI, identifing an appropriate model for SKA scientific user support.

This NA also aims to better integrate, represent and advertise the European radio astronomical facilities and ambitions.  Outreach activities are planned with different requirements when addressing different target audiences: general public or professional astronomers.

The NA aims at areas in Europe that do not have established communities in radio astronomy, involving astronomers in these countries in defining the science priorities for the current programmes or the facilities of the future. 

QueSERA has issued a Call for Proposals for travel support for advertising RadioNet science. For more information click here.

The leader of this activity is dr. Huib Jan van Langevelde

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