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Here you can find RadioNet files available for download. These files can be used for example for documents or other web pages.

RadioNet logo

Please use one of the following files for reproduction of the RadioNet logo in all documents. The 150 pixel wide JPG file is best for including as a stand-alone logo on web pages, the 500 pixel wide JPG file is best for full-size banners. The TIF file, suitably resized, is best for Word documents, whilst the EPS file should be used in LaTeX/Tex documents. Please do not recolour or resize the bitmap images before use. If you require a particular version of the logo, please contact for assistance.

JPG, 150 pixels wide

JPG, 200 pixels wide

JPG, 500 pixels wide

JPG 1000 pixels wide

PDF file

EPS file

TIF, 3240 pixels wide

The blue colour is "Pantone 300 Blue"; the nearest RGB colour for use on web pages is "0091ff". The grey colour is "Pantone 430 Grey"; the nearest RGB colour for use on web pages is "7f8787". The HTML code for the string "RadioNet" is

<b><span style="color:#7f8787">Radio</span><span style="color:#0091ff">Net</span></b>