Bringing European Outreach people together

Bringing European Outreach people together in Bologna

Recently, November 17-19, 2010 - a group of enthusiastic people (right image) who are determined to bring radio astronomy closer to the public met in Bologna. Under the umbrella of RadioNet, they held a workshop on the coordination of outreach activities between the RadioNet institutes and facilities. It was a very exciting and inspiring atmosphere as the various people told about their specific programmes to advertise the importance of (radio) astronomy to the public. Not only the various films, presentations, exhibitions and material and how to exchange these were discussed but also the educational support that teachers could be given.

The workshop was hosted by INAF (CNR) in Bologna. The workshop included a trip to the visitor centre and radio telescopes in Medicina - the 32m parabolic antenna (left image) and the Northern Cross. The weather may have been quite untypical for Italy, but an excellent 4-course Italian dinner completely made up for this. The visit was very exciting and offered different perspectives on outreach activities.

Everyone left eager to continue the collaboration that was started during these days.

Copyright: Fransicsco Colomer (Observatorio Astronomico Nacional) & Corina Vogt (ASTRON)

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