Networking Activities

The RadioNet FP7 Networking Activities comprises of the following key workpackages.

WP1: Management of RadioNet

WP2: The Science Working Group will organize a series of workshops focusing on the science goals of the facilities, but having a wide coverage of different techniques (e.g. radio, IR, optical, X-ray etc.). WP2 will also have strong connections with WP4 (Training for Radio Astronomers), and WP5 (Spectrum Management). It will also provide input to the work of the various JRAs, guiding the specification and capabilities of the instrumentation R&D.

WP3:  The Engineering Forum will focus on enhancing the communication, training and scientific interactions amongst engineers. It will have strong links with all RadioNet facilities and JRAs, ensuring information exchange on a wide variety of subjects. As for WP2, it will also ensure that links exist with WP4 and WP5, both essential activities for engineers as well as scientists.

WP4: Training for Radio Astronomers is an essential NA whose work will underpin much of the activities undertaken by the TNA facilities, by WP2 and WP3. It will also educate astronomers in the latest techniques and instrumentation.

WP5: Spectrum Management: radio facilities operate in an increasingly commercialised RFI environment and this NA will continue the excellent work done to provide a European voice within the regulatory bodies to protect the radio astronomy bands. It will, of necessity, work closely with the RIs, WP2 and WP3.


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