Training for Radio Astronomers

The objective of Training for Radio Astronomers (TRA) is to improve the scientific exploitation of Radio Astronomical data with an emphasis on the products of observatories within the RadioNet consortium. Europe is a leading player in developing new and enhanced radio observatories and of specific instruments for solar physics.


Training in areas such as how to prepare experimental proposals, data reduction and interpretation and opportunities for enhanced collaboration will be provided, especially for early-career radio astronomers. The programme will also address the needs of researchers from other wavelength domains and also theorists wishing to use the suite of new and upgraded radio telescopes currently being deployed (e.g. LOFAR and ALMA).


The Training for Radio Astronomers Chair is A. Richards (UMAN), vice chairs are K. Klein (OBSPAR) and P. Cox (IRAM)

a [dot] m [dot] s [dot] richards [at] manchester [dot] ac [dot] uk, Ludwig [dot] Klein [at] obspm [dot] fr, cox [at] iram [dot] fr

More information can be found on the wiki page


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