Spectrum Management

The objective of this WP is to keep the radio astronomy frequency bands free of man-made interference in order to safe-guard this environment for fundamental astronomical research. The broad aims of the activity centre on coordinating activities designed to protect the electro-magnetic spectrum for passive radio astronomy observations. The radio astronomy community is at a significant disadvantage in pursuing this objective because it brings it into conflict with commercial and governmental and EC interests.

WP5 will have the following specific objectives:

  • Supporting the activities of the Committee on Radio Astronomy Frequencies (CRAF) an Expert Committee of the European Science Foundation, ensuring that the radio astronomy community remains organised, alert and active in the pursuit of keeping the frequency bands used by radio astronomers free from man-made interference.
  • Present the case for radio astronomy as a valuable passive service via discussions with the major public and private telecommunications agencies and the international bodies that allocate frequencies and manage standards (including the EC).
  • Form a coherent European voice acting in concert with other groups of radio astronomers around the world (e.g. CORF - the Committee on Radio Frequencies representing the interests of US scientists)
  • Continue to educate the European scientific community via a summer school that offers a comprehensive view of both regulatory and technical issues related to radio astronomers' use of the spectrum, as well as how these issues are considered by other both active and passive radio services.

The Spectrum Management Chair is A. Jessner (MPG)
jessner [at] mpifr-bonn [dot] mpg [dot] de


More information can be found on the wiki page


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