Second RadioNet board meeting - Sardinia


On 4 & 5 may, the RadioNet board visited Sardinia, location of the new 64-metre radio telescope. As well as electing a new chairman of the board (Franco Mantovani replaces Phil Diamond who is now Sydney bound), the meeting focused on the overall progress of the project and the up-coming EC mid-term review. In addition, RadioNet is also closely involved in the ASTRONET review of radio telescope facilities - both reviews are expected to be complete before the end of the year. Some time was also spent thinking about the future, and in particular RadioNet's response to a new targeted Call for Proposals that is expected to appear in July 2010 with a deadline of November.

After the main meeting, the board got a chance to see the huge Sardinia Radio Telescope (SRT) - rapid progress is now being made with the dish (without panels) expected to be lifted onto the main telescope structure later this month. It was nice to see the arrival (in bits) of the huge Dutch "Mammoet" crane that will be used for this very tricky job. The RadioNet board listened to presentations in a pre-fabricated building - something similar to this would be very handy around the farm in Exloo, next to the LOFAR superterp. The visit was rounded off with a fantastic lunch that featured fine italian meats, cheese and peppers, all washed down with some excellent wine and the local grappa. 


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