**Engineering Forum Workshops**

Engineering Workshops aim to bring together the results and expertise of the radio astronomy engineers

Engineering Forum Workshops:

MilestonesPlan monthsDatePlaceMeeting Home PageDeliverables
1st EW 06 23-24 June 2009 Göteborg, Sweden 1st EW home page 1st_EW_report.pdf
2nd EW 14 16-17 November 2009Bonn, Germany 2nd EW home page 2nd_EW_report.pdf
3rd EW 21 29-31 March 2010Gronigen, The Netherlands 3rd EW home page3rd_EW_report.pdf
4th EW 28 2-3 September 2010Aveiro, Portugal 4th EW home page 4th_EW_report.pdf
additional workshop 19-21 September 2010 Bonn, Germany  Receivers & Array Workshop 2010
5th EW 32 12-13 May 2011 Cagliari (Italy)5th EW home page 5th_EW_report.pdf
additional workshop24-25 May 2011 Aveiro, Portugal ICT - VLBI to SKA Workshop

Starting month (01) January 2009

EW Organizational Issues:

Workshops of the Engineering Form are sponsored by Radio Net-FP7. To find the procedures for obtaining travel funds for RadioNet-FP7 please read the **Travel web-page**.

EW Contact Persons:

The chairman of the EW is Reinhard Keller (MPIfR, Bonn)

For further help please contact Izabela Rottmann (MPIfR, Bonn)

Previous Engineering Workshops under RadioNet-FP6 can be found **Engineering ForumTOG home page** with links to the reports.

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