ALBiUS management documents

Description of Work

The description of work is a contract with the EC, which is kept on the central RadioNet document area. Note that this is in principle an evolving document as contract amendments are accepted.

We keep a copy of the parts relevant to ALBiUS, we call it the ALBiUS Description of Work (version March 2 2009)

Internal ALBiUS details

Underlying the description of work is a division of work matrix table (ver7, June 2009) which is consolidated with a finance tabel (ver7, June 2009) finance table which is in turn consistent with the DoW.

In order to control the work in much more detail we have divided the efforts into subtasks, with the goal to find few month long, single partner work packages which can proceed linearly in time. The first version of this subtask table (ver7, June 2009) was derived in the Project meeting in Garching. This document must be updated regularly.

Project progress metrics

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