Science Working Group wiki

The main goal of this Working Group is to ensure a central coordination in the dissemination of knowledge and scientific results among the partners. DoW_SWG


  • Task 1: Large conferences
  • Task 2: Topic oriented workshops
  • Task 3: Small meetings



The following meetings are supported by the SWG:

60. 20-23 October 2015Bologna,ITThe many facets of extragalactic radio surveys: Towards new scientific challengesReport
59. 31 August-4 September 2015Dwingeloo, NLConference "Local Gas"Report
58. 25-26 August 2015Berlin, DERadioNet - Present & Future opportunitiesReport
57. 6-10 July 2015Garching, DEConference "Stellar End Products"Report
56. 3-10 July 2015Prague, CZ ISSS12Report
55. 22-26 June 2015Tenerife, ESScience with panchromatic surveys in the SKA era (EWASS2015)Report
54. 1-5 June 2015Marstrand, SEGalaxies of many colours: Conference "Star formation across cosmic time"Report
53. 1-5 June 2015Assen, NLThe 2015 LOFAR Community Science WorkshopReport
52. 1-3 June 2015Bonn, DEEPTA Spring meeting 2015Report
51. 27-29 May 2015Rimini, IT5th CSS / GPS sources workshopReport
50. 5-7 May 2015Jodrell Bank, UKAstro-particle physics with SKAReport
49. 20-21 April 2015Dwingeloo, NLJIVE-ERIC WorkshopReport
48. 15-19 March 2015Sintra, PTConference "Back at the edge of the Universe: Latest results from deep surveys"Report
47. 9-12 March 2015Nijmegen, NLLOFAR MKSP Annual Meeting & Busy DaysReport
46. 22-23 January 2015Bologna, ITWorkshop "mm-VLBI with ALMA"Report
45. 8-11 December 2014Tokyo, JPConference "Revolution in Astronomy with ALMA-The third year"Report
44. 13-14 October 2014Bologna, ITEATing VLBIReport
43. 7-10 October 2014Cagliari, IT12th EVN SymposiumReport
42. 2-10 August 2014 Moscow, RU 40th COSPAR Scientific Assembly: The sharpest view of the radio universeReport
41. 3-4 July 2014Geneva, CHWorkshop: Submm astronomy in the ALMA era (EWASS)Report
40. 30 June-1 July 2014Geneva, CHExploring the low-frequency radio sky in the SKA era (EWASS)Report
39. 16-20 June 2014Lerapetra, GRExtreme astrophysics in an ever changing UniverseReport
38. 8-13 June 2014Giardini Naxos, ITAdvancing Astrophysics with the Square Kilometre ArrayReport
37. 19-23 May 2014Leiden, NLGalactic Science with the SKA and its PathfindersReport
36. 12-16 May 2014Dwingeloo, NLEPTA MeetingReport
35. 26-30 April 2014Obergurgl, ATThe formation and growth of galaxies in the young UniverseReport
34. 7-11 April 2014Amsterdam, NL2014 LOFAR Community Science WorkshopReport
33. 10-11 April 2014Manchester, UKe-Merlin Data School and Early Science WorkshopReport
32. 7-9 April 2014Bologna, ITBologna High Energy Meeting (BOHEME)Report + Presentations
31. 20-21 March 2014Paris, FRSETI ConferenceReport
30.10-14 March 2014 Garching, DEWorkshop: 3D2014Report
29.17-21 Feb 2014 Stellenbosch, ZASymposium "Transformational science with the SKA and other contemporary instruments"Report
28.19-22 Nov 2013 Granada, ESConference "The Galactic Centre Black Hole LaboratoryReport
27.4-7 Nov 2013Groningen, NLThe Radio Universe@Ger´s (wave)-lengthReport
26.15-18 Sep 2013Oxford, UKConference: SKA-Euclid synergiesReport
25.1-5 July 2013 Leiden, NL Workshop: Radio Halos of GalaxiesReport
24. 17-28 June 2013Krabi, THIPTA MeetingReport
23. 10-14 June 2013Granada, ES Workshop 'The Innermost Regions of Relativistic Jets and Their Magnetic Fields'Report
22. 13-17 May 2013Sant´Antioco, ITLOFAR Magnetism KSP meetingReport
21. 13-17 May 2013 Leiden, NL Workshop 'Locating Astrophysical Transients'Report
20. 6-10 May 2013 Amsterdam, NL NS2013 Conference Neutron StarsReport
19.22-26 Apr 2013 Bonn, DE Conference: “The Modern Radio Universe”Report
18.10-22 Feb 2013Port Alfred, ZA 3GC3 WorkshopReport
17.28-31 Jan 2013Copenhagen, DK Workshop "Astrochemistry in the ALMA Era"Report
16.21-25 Jan 2013Leiden, NLWorkshop: High-mass star formation, from large to small scale in the ERA ALMA and HerschelReport
15.14-18 Jan 2013Leiden, NL LOFAR data analysis weekReport
14.14-17 Jan 2013Glasgow, UK Solar ALMA workshopReport
13. 12-15 Dec 2012 Santiago, CL The First Year of ALMA ScienceReport
12.3-7 Dec 2012Leiden, NLAssembly and star Formation of Early-Type Galaxies in 3DReport
11.6-8 Nov 2012Bonn, DENuclei of Seyfert galaxies and QSOsReport
10.22-23 Oct 2012Bologna, ITAAVP international workshop Report
9.9-12 Oct 2012Bordeaux, FR11th EVN Symposium Report
8.5-6 Jul 2012 Rome, IT EWASS 2012 Meeting:“The Galactic Plane reloaded: fromTeV to MHz” Report
7. 2-3 Jul 2012 Rome, IT EWASS 2012 Meeting:“Gas for Cosmology in the Nearby Universe” Report
6. 27-28 Jun 2012Garching, DE mm-VLBI with ALMA and other telescopes - WorkshopReport
5. 25-27 Jun 2012Garching, DE European Cycle 1 ALMA Community Days Report
4. 19-20 Jun 2012 Rome, IT 1st Italian SKA Meeting “The Italian Pathway to SKA” Report
3.5-6 June 2012 Bonn, DE German ARC Node Community DayReport
2.14-16 May 2012 Nice, FR LOFAR Surveys: “LOFAR’s view of galaxy clusters”Report
1.18-20 Apr 2012 Manchester, UKRTS2012 Resolving The Sky Radio Interferometry: Past, Present & Future Report_RTS2012 & proceedings

Steering Committee

T. Venturi, A. Possenti (INAF); A. Lobanov (MPG); M. Zwaan and L. Testi (ESO); K. Grainge (UCAM); R. Beswick, B. Stappers (UMAN); Y. Ghassin (UOXF); M. Bietenholz (NRF- HartRAO); M. Haverkorn (ASTRON); Z. Paragi (JIVE); S. Aalto (OSO); B.W. Sohn (KASI), M. Kunert-Bajraszewska (UMK), R. Braun (CSIRO).

The chairman of the SWG is Tiziana Venturi (INAF, Bologna)