The following deliverables are scheduled for New Skills:

NoPlan monthDatePlaceMeetingDeliverables
D4.106.201218-21.09.2012Pushchino/ Russia XLII YERAC Meeting report
D4.207.201213-16.11.2012Manchester/UKFocussed events: Preparing for SKA PathfindersMeeting report
D4.309.201215-19.10.2012Grenoble/France Sub/mm-wave ERISMeeting report
D4.406.201330.09-3.10.2013Bielefeld / Germany YERACYERAC report
D4.509.20139-13.09.2013ASTRON, The NetherlandsCm-wave ERISSchool Report
D4.610.201313-20.09.2013Pradollano / Spain 7th IRAM 30m Summer School School report
D4.706.20148-12.09.2014 Torun/PLYERAC
D4.809.201424.-28. August 2015 Glasgow / United Kingdom Cesra Solar Radio School Report
D4.910.2014cm-wave ERIS (D4.11) will be organised within the 6th ERIS 2015Report
D4.1006.2015 YERAC
D4.1109.201506-10.09.2015 Garching / Germany Cm-Wave ERISReport
D4.1210.201511-18.10.2015 Pradollano / Spain Single dish mm-wave schoolReport

The Chairman of New Skills is Anita Richards (UMAN, Manchester)