Westerbork Synthesis Radio Telescope (WSRT)


The WSRT is one of the most powerful radio observatories in the world. It enables astronomers to study a wide range of astrophysical problems: from pulsars to kinematics of nearby galaxies to the physics of black-holes.

Starting in 2015, the APERTIF (APERture Tile In Focus) system, consisting of Phased Array Feeds on 12 (of the 14 WSRT dishes) and the associated receiver, correlator and processing systems will transform
WSRT to a powerful survey instrument at L-band by dramatically increasing the field of view and the survey speed in the 1000 to 1750 MHz frequency range.

More information can be found  here (for astronomers) and here  (for the general public).


WSRT telescope
Zwiggelte 9433TA
52° 54' 52.992" N, 6° 36' 11.988" E
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