3D2014: Gas and stars in galaxies: A multi-wavelength 3D perspective

Event starts: 
Mon, 10/03/2014
Event ends: 
Fri, 14/03/2014
This conference aims at bringing together the optical/near-IR, millimeter and radio communities working on 3-dimensional extragalactic data. Science topics to be addressed are centered on both gas and stars in and around galaxies in all stages of their evolution. Themes include: galaxy dynamics, supermassive black holes, star formation, gas accretion and outflows, interacting galaxies and deep fields. In addition, tools to visualize and analyse multi-wavelength data cubes will be discussed.

The workshop, spread over a week and held at ESO-Garching, will include invited reviews, ample time for contributed talks and discussions, and short talk slots for younger researchers to advertise their work. Additionally we offer three parallel user workshops for KMOS, MUSE, and ALMA to raise awareness of ESO 3D instrumentation and train people in preparing and analyzing different types of 3D observations.

More information can be found on the website: 
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