RadioNet Management

RadioNet3 will adopt basically the same successful consortium organization and procedures that have been employed in the management of its two predecessors in FP6 and FP7. Small modifications will be applied to further increase the organisational efficiency and transparency to the partners.

A small but substantial improvement will be introduced by expanding the role of the Project Scientist, who will be in charge of the scientific management as well as the Information & TNA-NA Travel Budget Assistant, whose responsibilities are described in details below.

The RadioNet3 consortium will be structured according to the following bodies: the Governing Board, the Coordinator, the Executive Committee and the Management Team. 


The governing and deciding body of RadioNet3 will be the Consortium Board, called ‘the Board'. Each participating institution will nominate one representative to the Board (in most cases this will be the institute director). The Board will define terms-of-reference and will elect from its membership a chairman who will serve for a renewable term of two years. The Board will meet in person at least once per year and will hold additional teleconference meetings when required. Board members can nominate a representative to attend the meeting or assign their vote to a proxy from the Board membership. The chairman (supported by the Coordinator & Management Team) will ensure that written invitations and agendas for meetings are distributed in a timely fashion, and that written minutes of each meeting are provided in accordance with the Consortium Agreement (CA).  

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