45th Young European Radio Astronomers Conference 2015 (YERAC 2015)

Event starts: 
Wed, 19/08/2015
Event ends: 
Fri, 21/08/2015
For the first time, the Young European Radio Astronomers Conference'2015 will be held in Latvia. This will be an important event for the Ventspils International Radio Astronomy Centre (VIRAC), which celebrated 20 years of existence in 2014. Master and doctoral students in radio astronomy from across the world, as well as early stage postdocs, are invited to participate in one of the first truly international radio astronomy conferences in our young and growing institute. The long tradition of YERAC (since 1968) gives a reason to believe the conference will be a solid step forward in the career of both, the promising researchers and the institute.

Participants of the conference need to be recommended (nominated) by their supervisors or directors of institutes by providing a supporting letter. The conference costs are supported by RadioNet3 and Ventspils City Council.

YERAC 2015 will be held in cooperation with the annular Baltic Applied Astroinformatics and Space data Processing (BAASP, to be announced, contact: baasp2015 [at] venta [dot] lv) conference, and the closing events of the radio telescope refurbishment works within the project „(ICSP - Centre) Development of national research centre of information, communication and signal processing technologies" (Agreement No. 2011/0044/2DP/ VIAA/006). It will be possible to participate with a presentation in both of the parallel conferences - YERAC and BAASP. The conference is supported by RadioNet and the activity of Action Programme "Entrepreneurship and Innovation".

Conference participants will be able to publish their research in VIRAC's annual collection of articles - the Space Research Review. Manuscripts must be submitted before the conference starts, i.e, before August 18, 2015.

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