Breaking The 1Tbps Barrier With UniBoard2

Recently several engineers broke the 1 Tbps barrier within the UniBoard2 project!

UniBoard2, an activtiy which is part of the RadioNet3 project aims to create a FPGA-based, generic, scalable, high-performance computing platform for radio-astronomical applications. The innovative re-designed second generation builds upon the experience obtained through the UniBoard project and will be ready for the next generation of astronomical instruments (notably the SKA), at the end of 2015.

Lately several engineers pushed the boundaries of what's possible breaking the 1 Tbps barrier with the UniBoard2 and submitted the picture of the victorious team behind the success to the ASTRON JIVE Daily Image (AJDI) archive. AJDI is a family chronicle of the sister institutes ASTRON and JIVE that proudly presents their scientific and technical successes and the people behind them.


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