Call for Proposals of VERA

Deadline; November 02, 2015, 08:00 UT.

We wish to inform you call for proposals of VERA; VLBI exploration of Radio Astrometry. VERA is a Japanese VLBI network, which has four 20-m stations in Japanese archipelago and aims phase referencing

and astrometry observations with 2-beam system. It makes simultaneous observations of two objects with the 22-GHz and 43-GHz bands. VERA, Kashima-34m and Nobeyama-45m network mode is also available.
Available observation time is up to 200 hours during the observation period from January 15th, 2016 to July 15th, 2016.
Although it is limited to VERA array and a single-beam mode, the 6.7 GHz ( C-band ) is opened on shared-risk basis.

We encourage the submission of many proposals.

For further details please see below,

And any questions should be asked to vera-prop (at-mark)

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