Call for Travel Support

Travel support for advertising RadioNet science

The RadioNet workpackage QueSERA (addressing Questions on Structuring European Radio Astronomy, see is providing opportunities for travel support in two categories. The aim of these is to entertain fellow astronomers who have typically not used RadioNet facilities with the excitement of modern Radio Astronomy. This is implemented by supporting 2 possible actions:

1. Colloquia at astronomy institutes or national astronomy conferences in countries with little radio-astronomy tradition.

2. Talks at conferences with astrophysics topics that have made limited use of radio-astronomy techniques (so far).

Details on both actions are:

1. Typically RadioNet can support 8 trips at 500€ over the next 3 years to European destinations. Volunteers are sought to give colloquia or reviews at astronomy meetings in countries like Croatia, Estonia, Lithuania, Norway, Portugal, Israel, Romania, Belgium, Czech Republic, Greece, Serbia, Austria and Switzerland. We expect speakers to spend some fraction of their allotted time summarizing the various facilities, highlighting their scientific use of at least one of them in the remainder.

2. RadioNet can support a similar amount of travel of radio astronomers who have the opportunity to show a RadioNet facility result on a conference that has otherwise very little exposure of radio science.

For both categories RadioNet has established a small Programme Committee, which will review incoming proposals at any time, but advices interested colleagues to submit a one-page (pdf) summary of their plan at least 4 weeks before the travel date. A short (public) trip report, summarizing the impact of the presentation, is part of the conditions for receiving RadioNet support, along with all normal rules for claiming RadioNet support through JIVE. Proposals should be send to Aukelien van den Poll at JIVE, poll [at] jive [dot] nl.

The QueSERA programme committee is also available for consultation through the same e-mail or by contacting any of its members directly: Franco Mantovani (MPIfR, Bonn), Anita Richards (JBO, Manchester), Huib van Langevelde (JIVE, Dwingeloo), Tiziana Venturi (INAF, Bologna).

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