IRAM Pico Veleta

IRAM Pico Veleta
The 30-metre telescope located at an altitude of nearly 3000 metres on Pico Veleta in the Spanish Sierra Nevada. The 30-metre telescope has a surface accuracy and a pointing capability, which allow exploiting the atmospheric windows at 3, 2, 1 and, during the best weather conditions, 0.8 mm. It offers unique observing capabilities through simultaneous availability of a series of low-noise heterodyne receivers, an 18-channel multi-beam heterodyne array and a 119-channel bolometer array. A variety of back-ends enable spectroscopic studies at various spectral resolutions. As of 2008, a new generation set of state-of-the-art dual polarisation receivers (from 3 to 0.8mm) with 4 GHz bandwidths will be installed at the 30-metre, which will result in significant improvements in sensitivity.




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Dr. C. Thum
e-mail: thum [at] iram [dot] fr
300 rue de la Piscine,
Domaine Universitaire
38406 Saint Martin d'Hères



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