ALBIUS: Achievements in reporting period: 2010 Q4/2011 Q1

- Main Activities:

Migrated multi-rate filter to DiFX 2.

EVN OH observation of Cyg A, NGC 1068 arrived at Bonn correlator and is in fringe search. For testing multi-rate filter performance in a real observation with RFI (GLONASS).

Test data from a geodetic S-band experiment correlated.

Westerbork APERTIF correlation matrices received from Wim van Capellen

Algorithm development for beamformer with Kesteven algorithm for RFI mitigation progressing.

Synthetic data was generated for controlled testing of the algorithm.

- Expected Milestones

Delivery of all deliverables is expected by end of 2011.

- Number of Persons working in JRA

One person - Jan Wagner. (plus a small fraction of Alan Roy)

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