IRAM 30m Summerschool 2015

Event starts: 
Fri, 11/09/2015
Event ends: 
Fri, 18/09/2015
The 8th IRAM 30m summerschool will combine lectures on millimeter astronomy with observations using the 30m telescope.

Lectures will be given by experienced scientists and 30m observers, covering a range of topics, from comets and planetary atmospheres in the solar system to the study of the chemistry of interstellar clouds, low and high mass star formation, in the Milky Way, in nearby galaxies, and in ultra-luminous objects at high-redshifts.

These lectures will be complemented by shorter lectures on instrumentation, observing techniques, and data processing.

In addition, the students, lecturers and technical assistants will form small groups, to work on one topic, preparing a science case, conducting the observations with the 30m telescope, reduce the data, and present first results on the last day of the school.

The school is aimed at attracting new astrophysicists to current and future single-dish millimeter and submillimeter facilities. And, the school is primarily meant for young scientists with little previous experience in mm-astronomy. It is limited to about 40 students who will be selected on the basis of their interests, experience, and references.

The school runs over one week from Friday to Friday, with six days of about 4 hours of lectures per day, leaving ample time for the observations and for the group work. Both Fridays are arrival and departure days.

This school is partially funded by the RadioNet3 program.

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