RadioNet at the XXVIII IAU General Assembly

The Coordinator Anton Zensus (MPIfR) has represented personally the RadioNet3 project at the XXVIII IAU General Assembly held in Beijing, China, from August 20 to August 31. The IAU GA is a triennial gathering of astronomers from around the world to discuss and debate the most recent discoveries about the Universe. The assembly was hosted in the new China National Convention Center housed in the Olympic Park.
A roll-up display has been prepared in time for that occasion and it has been shown to the more than 3000 astronomers participating to the assembly.

More RadioNet3 outreach items have also been offered at the stand, namely balloons (see the second picture), bookmarks of the TNA facilities, pens, etc... really very appreciated by visitors. RadioNet3 likes to thank the European VLBI Network Consortium, JIVE, and the NEXPReS project for hosting the RN3 outreach material in their stand at the IAU Assembly.
Roll-up display and RadioNet outreach materials are available on request for conferences and Visitor Centres. Consult the site

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