GMVA tech group Agenda, February 8th, 2016 (draft)

  1. Local Arrangements/Opening Remarks (Colomer, Vicente)
  2. GMVA Technical Group (GTG) constitution
    • overview of the GMVA. Purpose/mission of the GMVA Technical Group (Alef)
    • discuss and agree on GTG statutes, meeting cadence etc. (all GMVA)
    • appoint the GTG chair
  3. GMVA observations & operations
    • Overview of observation preparation and operations e.g. pre-checks, DBBC2 news, FS news etc. (Bach)
    • Overview support infrastructure,: FTP servers, web pages, mailing lists etc. (Rottmann)
    • Discussion session (all)
      • standardization of operational procedure
      • fringe check procedure
      • DBBC2 PFB mode, PFB firmware version
      • FS schedule generation for PFB modes
      • log file contents
      • station session logs
      • additional topics
  4. GMVA calibration
    • Station reports on the current amplitude calibration strategy (every GMVA station 5-10 min)
    • Discussion session (all)
      • necessary steps to improve the calibration quality
      • Tsys extraction in real-time
      • opacity issues
      • antab file generation
      • calibration quality control at the correlator
      • additional topics
  5. ALMA and GMVA
    • Overview of the current state, ALMA commissioning and GMVA-ALMA tests (Rottmann, Alef)
    • Discussion session (all)
      • implications on GMVA operations
      • additional topics
  6. AOB / closing remarks