QueSERA Task1: Policy and Governance

In its interaction with policy makers, the obvious issue for European radio astronomy is the future of its structure as a whole. RadioNet3 as a project and a consortium is rather loosely organized and has no coordinated long-term perspective on the European scale. Especially with the advent of the SKA, a natural question to ask is whether a new legal entity for radio astronomy is required within Europe. The potential role of existing vehicles (e.g. the current ESKAC collaboration, ESO, or a future JIVE-ERIC) is also relevant here. The deliverables and milestones of this work package take the form of face-to-face meetings including invitations to relevant external parties as appropriate, plus a final position paper. This will produce a roadmap for existing RadioNet3 facilities that

  • recognises the impact ALMA and the SKA will have in the field, and builds and responds to the current ASTRONET review process,
  • defines the future role of existing facilities in the Northern hemisphere (incl. VLBI),
  • identifies an appropriate model for SKA scientific (user) support, that incorporates lessons learned from the ALMA experience,
  • establishes a clear vision on how the European radio astronomy community should formally organize itself in the coming decade,
  • addresses the need for future European scale integrating activities beyond RadioNet3 and consider how these should be funded

This work package will be led by ASTRON and coordinated by the RadioNet3 office. It will take shape as a number of separate discussion meeting between the directors of the European facilities to which international partners and European players can be invited. This activity starts with defining the terms of reference of this group and results in a position paper


The following meetings are supported by Policy & Governance:

24.02.2015Bordeaux/FRQueSERA: Task 1 - Study Group meeting
15.01.2015TeleconferenceQueSERA: Task 1 - Study Group meeting
24.10.2014Brussels/BEQueSERA: Task 1 - Study Group meeting
31.01.2014Brussels/BEQueSERA: Task 1 - Study Group meeting
14.10.2013Brussels/BEQueSERA: Task 1 - Study Group meeting
01.06.2012Video-conferenceQueSERA: Task 1-3 120601_Minutes


DeliverableDue DateSubmissionTitle
D2.731.07.201419.02.2015Minutes from policy meetings
D2.531.07.201330.04.2014 Minutes from policy meetings
D2.231.10.201204.06.2013 Terms of reference of the policy discussion

The Chairman of the QueSERA Task1 - Policy & Governance is: Michael Garrett (ASTRON, Dwingeloo)