TOG - Agenda, June 26, 2015

  1. Local Arrangements/Opening Remarks (García-Miro, Vicente)
  2. Approval & last minute additions to Agenda (all)
  3. Acceptance of minutes from last meeting (all) Cagliari, October 6, 2015
  4. Review of Action Items from last meeting (all; see Action Items from last meeting )
  5. Review of Permanent Action Items (all; see Permanent Action Items)
  6. RadioNet3
    • Next TWS (Lindqvist)
  7. Reliability/Performance of the EVN
    • Reliability/Performance of the EVN (Duev)
    • Pre-session checks, e.g., sampler stats, phase-cal, RFI, versions of schedules … (Duev)
    • NME results (Duev)
    • Feedback from last sessions
  8. Amplitude Calibration
    • Quality of calibration (Duev)
    • Timely delivery of ANTAB-files (Duev)
    • Continuous cal: availability at stations, switch between cont and non-cont cal, antab processing (Vicente, all)
  9. Digital BBC-systems
    • DBBC development and production status (Alef)
    • DBBC OS security issues: Windows XP & Windows 7 (Hammargren)
    • DBBC spare parts (Vicente)
    • DBBC experience at stations (all)
  10. JIVE
    • Technical Operations and R&D at JIVE, (Szomoru)
  11. New observing categories
    • EVN+LBA (Szomoru)
    • Out-of-Session observing (Gunn)
    • Joint frequency blocks (Gunn, Lindqvist)
    • Triggered/interrupted e-VLBI observations (Szomoru)
      • Can a triggered e-VLBI proposal overrun the chosen observing frequency for a given e-VLBI session? (Lindqvist)
  12. Technical Development
    • Diskshipping-less operation (Eldering)
    • Mark6 as a Flexbuff (Alef)
    • Transition to Flexbuff & Mark6. Mixed operations VSI/VDIF. (all)
    • Towards 2-4 Gbps operation. Common frequencies (Vicente).
    • DBBC3, RadioNet3/DIVA Task 2 (Alef)
    • SFXC capabilities (Keimpema)
    • beam shape determination (Keimpema)
  13. Haystack
    • Haystack status report (Ruszczyk)
  14. Mark 5,6
    • Status: Mark 5A/B/B+/C,6, software, firmware, SDK9 (Ruszczyk)
    • jive5ab (Verkouter)
    • Mark 5 problems encountered during last session, (all)
    • Disk inventory and purchase status (Vicente, all)
    • Disk throughput at JIVE, balancing with NRAO, Astro/Geo pool, Radioastron pool (Campbell)
    • Mark 5 logistics (repairs, shipping rules, VLBA shipping requirements, boxes, labels, etc.) (all)
  15. NRAO
    • NRAO status report (Romney)
  16. Field System, status and new features
    • Status report, new developments (Himwich)
      • Cable wrap and pointing sector (Himwich)
  17. SCHED Developments
    • Digital BBC-systems, Mark 5C, Mark 6, 2-4 Gbps operation etc. (Campbell)
    • SCHED (all)
      • Pointing sector information (Campbell)
  18. Activities at EVN stations
  19. Activities at potential new EVN stations
  20. TOG information resources (Vicente, Alef, all)
  21. Upcoming meetings (Vicente)
    • TWS, Florence, Italy, October 5-7 2015
    • 4th International VLBI Technology Workshop, New Zealand, November, 2015
  22. Date and place of the next TOG meeting
  23. AOB