Yebes Observatory RT40m, Call for Proposals

Yebes Observatory RT40m


Proposals are invited for observations with the 40-m radio telescope in Yebes Observatory (Spain), for observations till April 30th 2016.

Deadline: October 2nd 2015 (23:59:59 UTC)

The National Geographic Institute of Spain (IGN) operates a 40-m radio telescope located in Yebes Observatory, a large-scale scientific facility (ICTS) about 50 km north-east of Madrid. The Yebes 40-m diameter millimetre-wave telescope is capable of receiving cosmic signals in the 4.8-100 GHz range, and used for observations of spectral lines from the components of circumstellar envelopes, the interstellar medium in the Galaxy, extragalactic objects, etc.

Observing period and operations:

This Call for proposals is for the observing period until April 30th 2016.

Access to the telescope is available to all qualified scientists, of any country. The present policy allows the allocation of up to 30% of available observing time to external astronomers. Observing time is assigned to applicants based on the recommendations of the IGN Yebes Program Committee (IYPC), which judges the scientific merit (and technical feasibility) of the observing proposals. Observers are NOT requested to visit Yebes to carry out their observations.

Proposal preparation and submission:

RT40m uses NorthStar for preparation and submission of proposals:

Technical details and other information:

* Telescope, receivers, etc.: email yebes40m [at] oan [dot] es
* NorthStar: email northstar [at] oan [dot] es
* Proposals: proposal40m [at] oan [dot] es

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