YERAC 2014

Event starts: 
Mon, 08/09/2014
Event ends: 
Fri, 12/09/2014

Toruń Centre for Astronomy at the Nicolaus Copernicus University
will host the
44th Young European Radio Astronomers Conference (YERAC)
that will take place between 8 and 12 September, 2014.


YERAC has been held annually since 1968 and has enabled many graduate students and new post-docs or other workers in radio astronomy to meet each other and present their current work.

This year we will continue the tradition of giving the early-career scientists an opportunity to present their research. Therefore, we encourage all participants to give a talk about some aspect of their work.

YERAC will take place in Toruń for the third time. The first one was in 1976 and the second in 1987. The city, where the Nicolaus Copernicus was born, is an excellent place where the main aim of YERAC can be fulfilled: "To bring together young radio astronomers working at European institutes, observatories, laboratories and universities in order to provide them with early opportunities for transborder interactions with peers." as written in "Conception of YERAC" by Harry van der Laan (

Participation is by recommendation. Supervisors/directors of institutes are asked to nominate their students and provide a supporting letter (see the registration process).

The conference costs are supported by RadioNet3 and Toruń Centre for Astronomy.


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