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The radio telescopes in Europe form a complementary set of powerful and diverse instruments. There are snigle dish instruments that cover the frequency range from a few hundred MHz to 850 GHz. There are large and small dishes at each frequency range. There are three stand-alone interferometry instruments: two at centimetre wavelengths and one at millimetre wavelengths. Acting in concert, the cm-wave facilities form the very sensitive European VLBI Network. All these instruments are operated by different entities in different countries. However, the operational, technical and financial problems facing these observatories are very similar, mostly because of limited resources. The solution to these problems at each of the observatories are often very similar as well.

The primary objective of this networking activity is to identify synergies and develop complementary capabilities at the observatories; to determine how the pooling of resources might lead to common solutions for common problems and to share best practice. In short, this networking activity aims at making sure that each observatory is not forced to "reinvent the wheel" for all the problems it encounters. While the Engineering Forum deals with development engineering activities, this activity will focus on user services and operational aspects.

In order to achieve the primary objective, this networking activity undertakes the following:

Alignment of User Services
Establishing similar procedures for applying for observing time
Provision of a similar level of service to users at all facilities
Towards coordinated use of major facilities
Alignment of Operational Procedures
Exchange and pooling together in solving operational problems
Exchange of personnel for training purposes or for solving special technical problems

The Synergy Chair is W. Baan (ASTRON)

More information can be found on the wiki page SynergyWikiPage.